“I have to say the office streamlining and timesheets are doing amazing things for my business – because I am now recording everything – I can start to see why I am not earning the money I should be – I am going to start factoring this into my pricing. Thank you so much.”

Amy Harris, Graphic Artist, Small Poppy Design

“Recently, we moved from a partnership to a company structure, having grown rapidly from a small, home-based business to having a number of staff and thus many resultant administrative and logistical changes to accommodate. We were wanting to separate business from home as much as possible, while still physically working under the same roof.

I am not a tidy person, and the nature of our business is quite chaotic. I was getting overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork and pieces of equipment strewn and randomly dumped in our office. My desk was always covered in papers, books, sticky notes and miscellaneous items and we could never find what we needed without a search.

Sylvia from Office Genie brought her cheery smile, enthusiasm and professional expertise into my undisciplined office. She consulted with me constantly throughout the reorganisational process to ensure that the methods and office supplies were adequate and appropriate to the needs of our office.

She worked alongside me, advising, encouraging, answering questions, but more importantly, asking questions – this kept open the lines of communication and empowered me to be the one making the actual decisions. This is so important, because I was to be the one using the office and the systems had to be workable for me.

The proof that Sylvia’s methods work lies in the fact that a naturally untidy person like myself still has a tidy desk, many weeks after Sylvia worked her Genie magic!

Positive, proactive, aware, flexible and supportive – I thoroughly recommend Sylvia from Office Genie for any office that needs streamlining.”

Catherine Matthys, Office Manager, Computers Unplugged